*** If Babylon is already installed on your machine, or was installed before, please view THIS ARTICLE! ***

To download and install Babylon on your macOS, please do the following:

Download & Install

Please uninstall any old 'MAC Babylon' software from your MAC.

Click here to download and run Babylon installation.

* If you get a message that the setup file can't be opened - follow the instruction here to open it.

After the installation is complete, please enter your License details in the license window.

Babylon Activation

In order to have Babylon work correctly, It is highly important after installation to add 'Babylon' and 'Babylon Activation' to Accessibility section (the Mac OS needs to allow Babylon to capture a word).

 1. Add 'Babylon' app to Accessibility Window

Open Accessibility Window

  • Click on the apple icon on the Menu bar (on the left corner of the window) 
  • Follow the path by clicking on: 
    System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility
  • Click on the Lock sign at the bottom of the window, type the password of your Mac authorization (The lock will change to the status 'open').
  • Click on the + sign that appear under the list.

  • Choose 'Applications' on the list on the left side bar under 'Favorites'.
  • Select 'Babylon' from the list of applications and click on Open.

2. Add 'Babylon activation' to Accessibility window

  • Click again on the + sign that appear under the list in 'Accessibility' window.
  • Locate 'Babylon Activation' on your computer:
    • In the left window where you see the list of devices on your MAC computer, choose the one with your hard disk icon (named HD or Macintosh HD or so): *
      HD >> The Disk > Library > Application Support > Babylon > Babylon Activation > And click on "open"

    • 'Babylon Activation' will be added to the list of the activated programs in Accessibility window.

Once done, make sure that 'Babylon Activation' and 'Babylon' are in the Accessibility list with a checked box – as shown below:


  • Click on the Lock sign to lock Accessibility.
    (Babylon icon will appear in your Dock.)


* In case that your HD isn't displayed under 'Devices' section in the list while trying to locate 'Babylon activation', follow the steps below before locating the module.


- Open Finder

- Click on 'Preferences'

- Go to 'Sidebar' tab and mark 'Hard Disks'.




- Then go back to step 2 - Locating 'Babylon Activation' on your computer.





Restart your Mac

At the end of the installation process, make sure to restart your Mac, so Babylon will function properly.