If you are getting the message shown below, please follow these steps to resolve the 'License code invalid' error after OS update:

  1. Uncheck Babylon activation
    • Click on the apple icon on the Menu bar (on the left corner of the window) and choose 'System Preferences'.

    • Click 'Security and Privacy' -> 'Privacy' -> 'Accessibility'.
      A Security & Privacy window will be shown:

      (Apps in the right list might differ from one computer to another)

    • Click on the Lock sign at the bottom of the window and type the password of your Mac. The lock will open.

    • Uncheck the check sign near "Babylon Activation" to get the results as shown below:

  2. Enter your License Code (for Babylon):

    Enter your License details in the license window that is shown on the screen, or make it show by doing the following:
    1. Open Babylon.

    2. Click on Babylon on the menu bar and choose 'Licenses'.

    3. Enter the license and click on 'Register'.

  3. Check "Babylon activation"

    Once done, you should see 'Babylon Activation' with a checked box to its left.

In case HD isn't displayed under 'Devices' section in the list while trying to locate 'Babylon activation' follow these steps before locating the module:

  1. Open Finder on the menu bar.

  2. Click on 'Preferences'.

  3. Check 'Hard disks' under 'Show these items on the desktop'.

  4. In the same window, click on "Sidebar" and check "Hard Disks"

  5. Go back to step 3 -> Check "Babylon activation"